Licensed Professional Counseling Services Policy

Crisis Pregnancy Outreach (CPO) is committed to providing our mothers with licensed professional counseling services. CPO will cover counseling sessions through the clients choice of a CPO-approved therapist. Crisis Pregnancy Outreach believes that it’s important to prioritize one's mental health and for that reason licensed professional counseling is available to our clients for life. 

CPO only sees the invoice from the counselor. Nothing discussed in therapy will be discussed with CPO.

CPO will cover up to two missed appointments. Missed appointments beyond that, the client will be financially responsible for any missed appointments.

*To request counseling services clients can reach out to their support group leader or CPO Staff. They will be provided with a list of available therapists. CPO staff with then notify the therapists that the client is approved through CPO for counseling and that their information was given. Letting therapist know when a referral was made is the authorization, they need to invoice CPO for services.  

Counseling from Crisis Pregnancy Outreach on Vimeo.