We are Licensed in the state of Oklahoma and can work with expectant mothers who reside in Oklahoma. It is a violation of state licensing laws to facilitate adoptions for expectant mothers in a state we are not licensed through. However, if you are outside of Oklahoma please reach out and we would be happy to help connect you to an agency that is licensed in your state. 

CPO is a 501(c)3 non-profit and ministry so we do not profit from the adoptions we facilitate. We are an agency who strives to honor, empower, and  support all mothers whether they parent or place. 

When you are ready to meet, so are we.  At CPO we have a team of  trained and dedicated birthmother advocates who are happy to meet with you face to face to discuss your options, answer your questions, and just listen. If you do decide to proceed with an adoption plan you will be assigned an advocate who will help you create an adoption plan, make sure you are aware of your rights, help you connect and establish a relationship with your chosen family. Your advocate is there for you and welcomes any questions, resource requests, or concerns you may have. We know this is a big decision and a brave one. We will be by your side so never hesitate to reach out. You will also be represented by your own attorney throughout the placement at no cost to you. 

At CPO we respect you as an expectant mother and honor your decision to place by encouraging you to explore your options and take control of your placement. This means you have access to all of our waiting family life books and are encouraged to meet any of our families, in person, prior to making the decision as to who you will place your child with. We will help you get to know them so you can be confident in your decision. Your advocate and your chosen family’s mentor will work with you and the family to navigate your adoption journey from your first hello to as long as you need us!  

Adoption is a lifelong journey and post placement support is vital so we provide post placement support for our birthmothers, adoptive families, and adoptees. At CPO post placement support means weekly birthmother support groups for you to attend whenever you wish, licensed professional counseling with Adoption Competency trained counselors, events honoring birthmothers, events for CPO adoptive families and their birth families to celebrate life together, and more! 

Open Adoption

Those who choose to make an open adoption plan do so because they love their baby so much, that they are willing to live separately from him so the baby can have certain benefits that they are not able to provide. We believe in providing families for babies— not babies for families—and we can help you every step of the way, both before and after adoption. At CPO, you choose the family, and you can have as much or as little contact as you desire. 

Our potential adoptive families: 

  • Understand open adoption and are committed to having an open relationship with the birth family, especially the birth mother 

  • Are committed Christians  

  • Actively involved in their community  

  • Have been married for no less than three (3) years 

  • Have undergone a Home Study done by a Licensed Social Worker, in the state in which they reside 

  • Have completed parenting, attachment, and adoption-specific training 

  • Plan to have one parent stay at home until the child is in Pre-K. 

  •  Not only live in Oklahoma but many other states as well 

  • Understand the importance of post-placement support and are committed to providing the resources needed for your baby to grow and thrive 

  • Are committed to being part of the adoption community so your baby grows up with friends who are also adopted. 


We have families waiting to adopt children who are:  

  • Caucasian children 
  • African-American children 
  • Hispanic-American children 
  • Native-American children 
  • Children born with birth defects 
  • Children whose mothers have abused alcohol or drugs. 

CPO is fully licensed as an Adoption Agency with the State of Oklahoma. License No. K8600077 

FAQs for Potential Birth Mothers 

We’re here to help women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. It is our number one priority. If you do not see the answer to your question listed here, do not hesitate to contact us. 

What is Open Adoption?

Open adoption involves an ongoing relationship between you, the birth mom, and the adoptive family. This openness allows you to be a part of your birth child’s life as he grows up. Many of our adoptive families and birth moms build such strong relationships that it seems they are like extended family. You, as the birth mom, can choose how open you would like the relationship to be. Openness can include visits, phone calls, letters, pictures, social media connections, and email. You can speak more with the counselor about what reasonable open adoption relationships are and how they can benefit both you and your birth child. 

Please Visit to learn more about open adoption and hear from other moms who have placed or considered adoption for their children. 

If I make an adoption plan for my baby, will he grow up thinking I don’t love him?

Your birth child’s adoptive parents will always assure him of your love. You can tell him everything about yourself that you want him to know and also have the opportunity to tell him how much you love him and that is WHY you have chosen to give him a two-parent, stable home. 

If I choose to place my baby, will I be able to see her in the hospital?

Yes, definitely! You will be able to spend as much time with your baby as you choose while you are in the hospital. 

Can I stay involved with Crisis Pregnancy Outreach after my baby is born?

We encourage you to stay involved with CPO for as long as you wish. We have a birth mother who is still coming after placing her son 25 years ago. She is now ableto be of help to new women who are going through the process. There will not be any other group of people who will totally understand what you are feeling. 

How are adoptive families screened?

Potential adoptive couples must apply to CPO, be interviewed by CPO leadership, and complete a home study. A home study is a court-required document written by a licensed social worker. It describes the adoptive family, their activities, and how they are or how they plan to be good parents. It also includes a criminal background check and references from people who know the adoptive couple. They are also required to attend a 2 ½-day Waiting Families’ Workshop, provided by CPO. The home study and application information is reviewed by our staff before a family is accepted by our agency. 

How do I choose an adoptive family for my baby?

The adoptive family will create a Family Profile called a “Life Book” that tells all about them. We usually have between 25-30 Life Books on hand. You will be able to look through the books we have available that meet your preferences, such as geographical location or already having children in the home. We encourage you to look at as many as you would like and narrow your selection. You will then have an opportunity to meet and talk with the family if you choose. 

I don’t live in Oklahoma. Can I still use the services of CPO?

You must reside in Oklahoma to place your baby through CPO. However, we are here to support all mothers and birthmothers and we’ve helped women from all across the U.S. 

Will my baby ever be in foster care?

No. CPO does not use foster care. Your baby will go home from the hospital with the parents you have chosen for him. 

If I choose a family that lives in another state, will I get to meet that family?

Yes, at the very least through telephone calls and letters or e-mail. Often a couple will be able to travel to Tulsa to meet you during your pregnancy. Couples are asked to travel to Tulsa shortly before the baby is due and to be at the hospital when the baby is born. The adoptive family is required to stay in Oklahoma until some legal paperwork is complete, usually 2-3 weeks. In many cases, these families will stay with a local CPO adoptive family for these weeks. 

What happens to me after I’ve entrusted my baby to an adoptive family?

CPO will work with your specific circumstances and will help you with getting a place to live and a job or back in school if that’s what you need. You will be encouraged and ALWAYS welcome to attend CPO’s weekly support group meetings. Letters, photos, and visits will continue to let you know your baby is doing well. 

Will I be able to send letters and gifts to my child on his birthday and Christmas?

Yes, you certainly will be able and even encouraged to keep in contact with your birth child. This is important to his growth and development and sense of personal identity. We want him always to have the answers to his questions. 

Are there families who would be comfortable with me seeing my birth child several times a year?

Yes. We have many families who see their child’s birth mom on a very regular basis. We are committed to VERY open adoptions, and the potential adoptive parents are aware of our expectations from the time they apply with our agency. 

I already have another child. Have you ever had a birth mom who already was parenting make an adoption plan for the baby she is currently expecting?

Yes. Almost 60 percent of the birth moms who place a child with CPO are already parenting older children. 

Will I be able to share my family’s medical history with my child?

We will provide you with a form that includes many questions about your medical history. It is crucial that you fill this out as completely as possible. This information will be valuable to your child’s healthcare providers. 

How long can I continue to see the counselor assigned to me?

You can see the counselor every week of your pregnancy and for as long as you want to after the baby is born. We have many birth moms who continue to see the counselor from time to time for several years. It is a service that we believe is very important and will always be available to you. If you move away, you can still connect with her by phone. 

I’ve heard that there aren’t many adoptive families for children of color.

CPO always has families waiting to adopt children of any ethnicity. 

I have some Native American heritage. How will that affect the adoption?

Federal law requires that your baby be placed with an adoptive family that has documented blood of the same tribe. Fortunately, many of our “waiting families” have a Native American heritage and a tribal roll card. 

I have heard that adoptive families pay very large sums of money to adopt a baby. Is this true and where does the money go?

While this can be true at other agencies or with private adoptions, CPO is a totally non-profit agency and no one associated with CPO benefits monetarily from the fees. Our families pay an agency fee which covers counseling, keeping our boutique supplies stocked, support group expenses, and other program expenses. They also cover all legal expenses charged by their attorney and the expectant mother's attorney as well as medical bills related to the pregnancy and delivery, not coveredby insurance.  

Can I change my mind?

Yes. If you have not gone to court and relinquished your parental rights, you can change your mind at any time. 

How long has CPO been an adoption agency?

We have been a licensed adoption agency since 2001, but with the help of local attorneys have supported and worked with women making adoption plans since 1983. We have always encouraged openness in adoptions, even before “open adoption” became popular. 

Is there a ‘better business bureau’ for adoption agencies?

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services licenses adoption agencies in the state. If you have questions about the agency, you can contact them at 405-521-2779.